What is LiftFund?

✦ LiftFund is a nonprofit lender that specializes in providing funding to small business that are either too new or don't make enough revenue to get a bank loan.

Is our product safe?

 Yes! It is designed to relieve pain, not hurt our customers. For proper and safe use, please read the instructions manual provided in the box. Do not use our product if you have: a pacemaker, other electronic implantable medical devices like electrocardiographs, or electronic life-supporting devices like an artificial heart or lungs.

How does the technology work?

✦ It provides a low frequency electronic pulse current along with heated pads to increase blood flow and improve muscle performance, effectively helping relieve pain and fatigue around your neck.

If my neck is particularly large or small, will it fit?

✦ Yes, the 360° design and silicon base can automatically adjust to different neck sizes.

Where do we ship our product?

✦ At the moment, we only ship to the United States.

How long does it take to ship?

✦ Due to the unforeseen circumstances of Covid-19, please allow up to 9 business days for your product to arrive. 

Does the product come with an instruction manual?

✦ Yes, included in the box is an instruction manual, neck massager, remote control, and USB cable.

What is your return policy?

✦ We have a 10 day return policy. You can contact us for a full refund by referring to our Contact Us tab and filling out the required information. Just tell us what went wrong, send a picture, send your product to us and we'll evaluate your claim for a refund. Please do not return your product to the initial address you received the product from.